20mm Ammo Can Panniers for F800GSA Factory Racks

I like to make stuff.  I’m also cheap (right, so that’s why I got a BMW motorcycle?)!  I’m going to step through how I made a set of mounts to attach 20 millimeter ammo cans to the factory pannier racks on a 2015 BMW F 800 GS Adventure.  I found my ammo cans from a local Craigslist seller.  If you are interested, search “large ammo can” on seattle.craigslist.com.  They were $30 each and located in Tumwater.  The cans are approx 8-3/8″ x 18-5/8″ x 14-7/16″ and weigh about 20 lbs each.  I figure this is about comparable to a 36 liter pannier.  He had a great inventory of all sorts of surplus ammo cans of various sizes.  I painted mine black on the outside and silver (to make it easier to find stuff) on the inside.

My first step was make a sheet metal bender to make the 6 bends I needed.  I have a few other projects that I will be using it for.  I had a good sized chunk of 8″ channel iron. img_20160919_185827464_hdr

I made a few test bends in some scrap I had.  The “triangle” for the left side will be the trickiest.  I had a few small pieces of 16 ga steel and a few pieces of aluminum.  I liked how the aluminum bent and it’s weight, but I’m not able to weld it. Continue reading

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Warn 9.5ti in FZJ 80 stock bumper.

I don’t know why, but I like to try and fit winches into the stock bumper.  Here I will install a Warn Industries 9.5ti winch into my ’95 FZJ80 Land Cruiser.  A standard configuration winch would have been much easier to install, as the 9.5ti has the solenoids mounted inside the top cross brace.  This required extra clearance when figuring out how to position the winch.

To start with, I fabricated some frame horn extensions that the winch mounting plate will be attached.  I used the exhisting mounting holes and the stock extensions as the pattern.  I also used the stock extensions as the outside of the bracket and to fill in the front.

image Continue reading

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ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit.


imageHave you ever found a nail or screw in your tire but are too far away from a tire shop or don’t have time to take it to stop and get it repaired? This simple kit will help get you home.  The ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit has everything you need.

Locate the foreign object and move the tire to access it, or remove the tire from the vehicle.  Make sure the tire is full of air.

image Continue reading

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80 Series CDL switch and “Pin 7 mod”

Ever wish you could manually lock or unlock the Center Differential in the transfer-case of an 80 Series Land Cruiser?  It’s easy, with the addition of the factory CDL switch, available from your dealer or from Slee Off-Road.  For the US market, the Center Differential will only lock if the transfer-case is shifted into low range.  This also means your Center Differential will ALWAYS be locked in low range.  If your Land Cruiser is equipped with Factory Electric Lockers, they will only engage with the Center Differential locked.

Please note that with the CDL engaged, the ABS light will come on and ABS function will be turned off.  This is by design.

If you want to engage the CDL in high range, it’s as simple as adding the switch.  The wiring connector is already in the dash, behind the left switch blank, next to the hazard switch.  If equipped with factory alarm, this blank may be in use, but the wiring is still back there.  Pull the center instrument panel trim after removing the 4 screws, insert the switch into the dash and plug in the connector. Continue reading

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80 Series CDL 4 low switch

imageAre you having an issue locking your electric lockers or center differential?  One common culprit is the 4low switch on the top of the transfer case.

Often the problem can be easily fixed by using a thinner sealing washer.  Here I used a diff drain/fill plug washer (right).  It isn’t a solid washer, and crushes thinner than the original washer (left).

imageBut first, make sure the switch functions properly by performing an ohm check while depressing the switch (requires removal of the switch).  The switch shouldn’t need to be pressed very far to close.  If your switch is bad, a new one can be found at your local Toyota dealer, part number 84222-12010. Continue reading

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