Dual Battery install

Dual Battery install

I have been wanting to add a dual batter setup for some time. Not for winching (at this time) but for accessories. I recently added a battery management device to my trailer, and thought it would be a good way of managing my dual battery setup too. For the battery location, I decided to find a second tray to put in the factory location. I found it at Stainlesstrays.com. For the price of a new tray for the drivers side from some places, I was able to get two new stainless steel trays. The original one was looking a little worse for ware.

The new and the old side-by-side

battray2002_0808AB.JPG (184883 bytes)battray2002_0808AC.JPG (200010 bytes)

Here are the pictures of the new trays installed.

battray2002_0808AD.JPG (153847 bytes) battray2002_0808AF.JPG (162654 bytes)

I don’t have the second battery or management device yet, so I haven’t figured out were I want to put the radiator overflow tank.

battray2002_0808AG.JPG (132723 bytes)


Battray2002_1121AA.JPG (122889 bytes)

Battery management device

Battray2002_1121AC.JPG (143023 bytes) Battray2002_1121AD.JPG (146349 bytes)

Relocated coolant reservoir

Battray2002_1121AE.JPG (123965 bytes)

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  1. where did you relocate the coolant reservoir to and how did you mount it there?

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