ARB’s new Air Locker Bearing Puller Kit

ARB’s new Air Locker Bearing Puller Kit

Seattle, October 21/ ARB 4×4 Accessories/

ARB’s new Air Locker Bearing Puller Kit is a professional tool that no automotive differential installer should be without. As original equipment differential bearings have become more expensive and often difficult to source, it has been increasingly important to attempt to remove the original bearing without causing any damage to it.

As a part of ARB’ new Air Locker Tools range of differential service/installation equipment, this specialty tool offers a unique way of removing a differential carrier bearing without the need to get access under the seating face of the bearing cone.

– Quickly and easily removes the carrier bearings from most automotive differentials
– Removes without the same level of risk of carrier bearing damage and Air Locker seal surface damage
damage associated with most commercially available bearing pullers.
– Is able to remove many bearings that standard bearing pullers cannot
– Works with most models of ARB Air Locker and OEM differential centers
– Comes in a durable carry case with a dedicated powder coated parts tray for easy storage and transport

Check with East Olympia Cruisers for availability.

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