’87 FJ60

tbism025.JPG (164675 bytes)This was my first Toyota Land Cruiser. It is an ’87 FJ 60 wagon that had 182K miles when I purchased it in 2001. We had just had our first (and only) child and the little Toyota pickup wasn’t going to cut it for my any more. After doing a lot of searching and asking lots of questions on the Land Cruiser Mailing list, I found this one here in town. It was a two owner car and always well cared for.

My first project was to change out the stock carburetor for fuel injection. Built the system my self from junk yard parts. The donor vehicle was ’91 GM van with 4.3l TBI. I have since driven another 100k miles. During the winter of 2005 I rebuilt the engine with about 260k on the odometer. The previous summer I had added the much talked about, non US, H55F 5speed transmission. Next was to install an OME 2.5″lift and 33″ tires. My latest projects have been leather seats form a Volvo 240, Dual Batteries and a CS 144 alternator rated at 140 amps.

On January 3rd 2008 I rolled over 300k on the odometer.

More pictures here.

My Modifications