New VSS for the 2F TBI

When I originally installed the TBI setup on my ’87 FJ60 I used a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) from Jags that Run. While this was a good sensor and lasted many years, it never tightened snugly to the transfer case driven gear housing. This would cause a shaky speedometer needle when cold. Even after trying to shim it with a washer it wouldn’t tighten down. On a short trip to Capital Forest I had a stick get caught on the speedometer cable and brake the sensor off (forgot I didn’t have the skid plate on).

After searching around for an alternative I found Aurthur Allen, a manufacturer in Chicago. They make a very nice sensor with a cast hosing and solid brass fittings.

Arthur Allen VSS


While it is available in metric threads to fit the Toyota cable/transfer-case, it didn’t have the correct tang on the transfer-case side or the correct slot on the cable side. I still had the drive tang from the old VSS.

Cable drive tang


The old VSS had an extension housing built with the appropriate driven tang (or drive tang to the cable I guess).


Any way, it was easy to disassemble the sensor and remove the shaft. I then drilled out the TC side to just over .187″ (using a 3/16″ drill bit) and using my cut off wheel made a slot for the cable.

Slot for TC drive tang


I then drilled out the brass fitting to 5/16″ to make room for the protrusion on the tang and re-assembled.

Finally I mounted the sensor and finished the wiring. For the wiring I used a two pin weather pack connector.

VSS Installed


A few notes on this VSS. It tightens town nice a snug with no movement. It is shorter than the other VSS because it doesn’t have the extension added. I suppose only time will tell if it is a better design or not. I ordered this one from Portland Speedometer for $100 to my door. A little more the the JTR, but hopefully worth it.

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