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In a recent article by the Seattle Times titled “Off-roading turned meadow into mud hole” it was reported that 6 individuals have been charged with malicious mischief for the destruction of a natural meadow near Wenatchee, Wa.

WENATCHEE — One night of destructive fun has altered the course of nature in a peaceful meadow south of the city and left six off-road truck drivers mired in legal trouble.

It reports that underground springs were opened and irrigation piping that feeds many of the local orchards were damaged. One of the suspects has already been sentenced to 22 months in prison for his participation in the destruction. The remaining 5 (one is a minor) will be in court in the coming weeks.

This highlights the uphill battle groups like the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Tread Lightly and the PNW 4WD Association have to fight to even keep open the areas we already have for our sport and hobby. If you haven’t already, take a look at these groups and consider donating.

When you are out on the trail and see it, try getting pictures of that kind of behavior and forwarding to Local, State or Federal agency in charge of the area AND the Department of Wildlife. Make sure you get license plates. Some of these drivers are so cocky and stupid, you cad even get them to pose with the truck IN the mud hole. Be sure to identify your self with your club or organization so they know this report is being made by an off-roader. We need the regulators and enforcers to know that WE are not the ones causing this kind of damage.

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